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Nov 21 2014

East Orlando Home & Kitchen Remodel

Published in Completed Projects

This East Orlando homeowner recently hired a contractor to install a water conditioner into his home as a upgrade but what happened next really changed his life. The Orlando, Florida contractor, not KBC4LESS, installed the water conditioner incorrectly and it began to flood the ground floor of his house causing over $22,000 in damages. Their entire kitchen was gutted, drywall was removed and the floor needed to be replaced, lets show some images of the damage…

The homeowner was forced to reach out to local Orlando, FL contractors in effort of restoring his home into an operable state for his family. He started his search at the “big box” stores receiving quotes for material and labor that were out of control and soon decided to take it to a more trusted source, friends and family. After a few phone calls he had multiple leads directing him to Kitchen & Bath Cabinets 4 LESS for quality craftsmanship at affordable prices, 60% less than the “big box” stores to be exact. Once we received contact from the East Orlando homeowner and listened to his story we realized it deserves immediate attention to get his family back on their feet, after all the kitchen is the heart of the home.

Upon our first meeting with the customer at his home we had entered a mutual understanding that time is of the essence and he is prepared to move forward with a quality contractor. Over the next few days we had finalized a layout for his new kitchen, picked the door style and color, locked in the hardware, designed the under cabinet lighting, set up an appointment at a granite yard and even decided on a new wood floor throughout the home. The client was more than happy with our progress thus far, although very small, let the demolition begin…

Now that we have a clean slate to build a dream kitchen on we shall proceed with the fun part, construction. First, we need a little paint then the new cabinets so the floor can follow. We paid special attention to detail in this step and built feed on the base cabinets so they sit level with the floor after the 9mm planks go down…

With the cabinets in place the kitchen is finally getting some life back. Now its time for the backbreaking task of installing a new floor…

Once the floor is in the homeowner has the new appliances delivered and reaches out to express how incredible it was to watch the appliances slide into place without issues, he said “They fit like a glove, thanks”. He did however mention one thing he was not happy about… “I wish I had the funds to have you remodel other parts of our house right now, you are truly an expert in your trade” the client expressed.


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